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Choose a learning center that offers the exceptional early childhood education your children need. Trust none other than The Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. (Argyll Montessori School Ltd.) in Edmonton, AB. We offer a comprehensive curriculum and engaging supplemental activities to help bring out the best in your little ones. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Check out what the parents of our students have to say.

Testimonials About Our Learning Center

Esther Kim, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Alberta
Todd Shipman, PhD
Manager, Landscapes and Geological Hazards
Alberta Geological Survey, Alberta Energy Regulator

“We are so fortunate to have had chanced upon discovering the Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. when we first moved to Edmonton and were looking for childcare for our daughter. Since then, we have been part of this family for the past 7 years and have seen both of our (very different!) children thrive in this program. We can’t say enough good things about Mrs. Sabur, her staff and the excellent program that they run. Not only do they provide quality early childhood education, they really teach children how to be good citizens. Children are exposed to so many different cultures and traditions and parents have the opportunity to contribute their interests and talents in the education of the children.

Our children are only young once, and those precious early years fly by so quickly. Sending our children to the MPLC was hands down one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. We have and will continue to wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a quality early childhood experience for their children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mrs. Sabur!”

Ben & Tameeza Kahera

Parents of children attending Montessori Play & Learn Centre from 2008 – 2017

“We cannot say enough about the Montessori Play & Learn Centre. From the first time we spoke to Mrs. Sabur, to when our 1st son started there, and now finishing our 9th year with our 3rd son, we have been impressed year after year with the program! It has been so hard to have to leave after each one of our sons has graduated from Kindergarten and thus have requested for Mrs. Sabur to continue her program to Grade 12! We feel so, so very blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program and have seen firsthand that a good early childhood education is a critical part of development. We cannot thank you all at The Montessori Play & Learn Centre enough!”

Tazim Nazarali

Manager Parks Investment
Alberta Parks, Government of Alberta

“Beyond Play n Learn’s stellar academic Montessori focus, the environment is caring and nurturing.   Staff have become a second family to us alongside our child’s classmates and families. Thank you for the wonderful experience”

Dr. Persis Cho

I had decided from my very first visit to The Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. that this would be the best program for my daughter.  As it turned out, I was right – but for the wrong reasons.  It was easy to be impressed with all the obvious strengths of the program – the structured yet ever evolving curriculum, the focused academia interspersed with creative enrichment – I’m not sure about the other parents but I went to sleep that night with dreams of scholarly and extra-curricular uber-achievement projected onto my barely toilet trained three year old.   I didn’t understand at the time that perhaps what my daughter needed most at this age was not academic instruction, but more importantly, to be surrounded by teachers of great compassion, patience and experience.  Lucky for us, this school offered this in spades.  To put it mildly, my daughter had a difficult time transitioning to a school environment.  I will always be grateful to Ms. Sabur and the teachers in room 6 for caring for my daughter as a whole person first – and educating her as a student second.  Perhaps other programs may also have great academic and extensive curriculums; perhaps they too can teach your child to read and write at a precociously young age.  But I dare say that I would not be able to find another school with staff rivaling the exceptional enthusiasm and compassion of Ms. Sabur and her teachers.  And that, I believe, is what makes this a Montessori program nonpareil.

Dr. Miral S. Mehta M.D.


“After checking out multiple preschools, I stumbled upon Montessori Play and Learn. Mrs. Sabur, the leading lady is a very knowledgeable and a positive authority! Under her keen eye, all the teachers in the Montessori are not only kind, caring and attentive towards each child, but also make sure each child is growing with positive re-enforcement. The only preschool where the child grows as a whole, with well-balanced teaching sessions and free play times, extracurriculars like dance, yoga, music and art, and numerous field trips. Kids understand the importance of discipline and independence, while having fun with friends, and under the supervision of very loving and approachable teachers, learn social skills and ways to express themselves. This is the best start at education and schooling that one could provide for their children. My daughter is here since 2 years and my son is joining the program this year, and I couldn’t have been a happier mom:) “

Anna Shulman

Barrister & Solicitor

Kember Handzic

Barrister & Solicitor

“In the spring of 2015 my husband and I came to Mrs. Sabur’s Montessori class to determine whether the program is suitable for our then 3-year-old twin boys. We spoke to Mrs. Sabur and spent approximately half an hour observing a class of 3 and 4 year old’s. When our visit ended and my husband and I were walking back to the car, I barely held back the tears.  ‘Our children WILL GO HERE!’ was all I said to my husband. His only reply was: ‘I know!”. 

What parents normally expect from child care providers is that their children’s basic needs will be met and the children will be engaged in educational and fun activities.  What my husband and I continuously observed in Mrs. Sabur’s program (in addition to those ‘normally’ expected things) throughout the 2 years of being a part of her program is the environment that cultivates in children the dignity, self-sufficiency, kindness and respect towards self and others that sets them on a path of becoming an example to those around them.  The love, respect, guidance and attentiveness granted to each child by Mrs. Sabur and her amazing staff works very quickly to transform the child into their better, higher selves.  No concern is left unaddressed, no issue unresolved. The level of understanding and responsiveness from Mrs. Sabur and her staff is beyond belief.  The environment optimum for each child’s development was sustained throughout the 2 years of our boys’ attendance in the program, without compromise.

They say it takes a village to raise a child well, and it does. Mrs. Sabur knows that and ensures only those families who are a good fit with the program become a part of the program.  The result is a group of conscientious people who are 100% dedicated to their children and to contributing to the program for the benefit of all children in the program. Mrs. Sabur manages to create a ‘village’ where parents and children receive the support required for each child to thrive, and no less than thrive. Over the past 2 years, my husband and I created invaluable friendships with other parents in the program.

Our boys will be graduating in a few days and it is painful to be leaving this highest level of care, this most supportive and loving environment, this most invaluable guidance and education.  Mrs. Sabur, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you and your staff for enriching our children and us.”


Sunita Broemling


“Our eldest son went through the Montessori program several years ago, and our daughter is currently in it. They are such different children, but the staff honed in on their strengths quickly and helped them to work through anxiety with the things that didn’t come easily. Our son is now in grade 3 and I certainly miss the individualized approach he received at Montessori. We still fall back to the assessments that were made of him at that time as they were the most thorough to date, because the staff look at all aspects of the children’s lives and know and understand them incredibly well. I have and will continue to recommend this program without hesitation.”

Salima Ebrahim

Director, External Relations, City of Edmonton

“I have been a Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. parent for the last two years (and starting on another 2 as our other daughter is starting in fall of 2017) and it has been a pleasure to see our daughter transform from a very shy 3 year old to an independent 5 year old under the nurturing environment of the school. The teachers at the school are dedicated and take the time to get to know each child to challenge them to be the best they can be. They are patient with just the right amount of encouragement. I have had a very positive experience so far and I am a huge advocate of the Montessori Method because of Mrs. Sabur and her staff. We feel extremely comfortable that the knowledge acquired during this time at Montessori will more than prepare our child for the transition to any school thereafter. Thank you!”

Margaret Kufour-Boakye


“As a grandparent whose granddaughter is currently enrolled in this wonderful program, I am always impressed with the quality of learning that these children are afforded and the expertise of the staff.  A model program that is blended with love and care.”

Kemi Kufour-Boakye

CA, CPA, CIA – Senior Internal Auditor, University of Alberta

“Montessori Play and Learn is nothing short of the best pre-grade school program for children in Edmonton. Within moments of entering the environment you are immediately put at ease by the warm, welcoming family-like atmosphere. The teaching staff truly care about the children and do their utmost to ensure that they are nurtured and able to develop on the enormous unique potential they each have. We are so grateful to have found this wonderful programme as we can be confident our daughter has the strongest possible foundation for future success as a result.”

Juliana Lambert

Advisor, LP Governance, Land Services.

“During the past year this program has helped our son grow in so many ways.  He has loved being exposed to different activities within the school day and within the safety net of his friends and teachers.  He has gone from regarding ‘work’ as the hardest part of the day to one of his favorite parts.  He no longer asks to stay home in the morning; instead, he starts questioning whether we will be late for circle time.  He has developed lovely friendships.  He has respectful and warm relationships with all his teachers.  He has been given freedom to grow and develop within safe and nurturing boundaries.  And most importantly for us, as his parents, he is safe and happy with a newfound confidence in himself and his abilities.

We are so happy with all aspects at Montessori Play and Learn.  The wonderful staff, without exception, has the best interests of the children at the heart of everything they do and it really shows in the inquisitive, polite and intelligent children they are helping to send out into the world.”

Keenan Chow, CA

Vice President – Finance

“We are more than happy to recommend the Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. to other parents.  Our son has progressed through both the preschool and kindergarten programs and our daughter is finishing up the preschool program this June and will be returning for the kindergarten program in the fall.

The support provided by the staff is amazing.  The personalized care and attention given to each child enables them to be their best.  Even though our son has left, Mrs. Sabur has followed his progress and provided invaluable advice to us from choosing a new school to helping us get him settled in his new school.  Even while on her vacation Mrs. Sabur corresponded with us at all hours of the day.  We cannot thank her and the staff enough.

The program is extremely diverse offering a great mix of educational experiences beyond the basics including exposure to many cultures, languages, ethnicities, arts, and music.  The structure of the program has provided a strong foundation for our children to succeed after they have graduated from MPLC.  We would be remiss to not mention the Christmas concert and the spring play!  Who would have thought our children at the ages of 4 and 5 would be able to sing Christmas carols in multiple languages, perform flamenco dances, and star in plays!

We cannot say enough about Mrs. Sabur and the MPLC.  We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity for our children to attend the MPLC and truly believe the program has set our children up to be successful no matter the path they choose in the future.”

Tanwi and Arun Bhowmick

Parents of Ambika Bhowmick

“Over last 2 years, every time if we had to force our daughter for something, we used the magic line “Do It!!. Otherwise, you are not going to school tomorrow”. It worked like a charm. That’s how much she loved her school and wonderful teachers. THANK YOU for making her fall in love with you all. We are truly privileged to get her into this Montessori program. No words will be enough to express our gratitude. There were so many events, family get together, and particularly exciting Year End concert, it were truly amazing!! The program curriculum was excellent and children were exposed in academic, social, and physical activities with right balance. The entire environment is different than other few places we visited. I would definitely recommend this excellent program. Again, to all teachers, THANK YOU for your support and hard work and we’ll miss you!!”

Shefali and Prakash

Parents of Anvay Jaiswal

“Montessori Play and Learn for me is the best place to be for kinder years in the city   Both Mrs. Sabur and Mrs. Bashir have a technique of handling which I like to call “restricted love “.They provide a very nurturing and loving atmosphere for kids to grow along with some set of rules and discipline , which ensures a balanced emotional development ! I loved every single day my son spent at the Montessori and I had a sense of relief that he is in good hands ! Also the concerts at the school are very classy. The music classes are really good as well and I notice my son singing and humming so very often .I wish this school all the very best and a great future ahead! Thank you for letting us to be part of your family!”

Gita Sud

Government of Alberta

“My daughter joined the Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. just before she turned four and did her kindergarten there; and I could not have asked for a better foundation for her.  As she makes her way through grade 1, I see how she has carried the joy of learning, focus, and respect that was modeled in the program, with her.

The individual attention that the teachers and Mrs. Sabur give to discovering and respecting each child’s unique personality and way of learning, is unparalleled.  Mrs. Sabur has designed a nurturing and enriching learning environment, which celebrates each child’s gifts and enables them to thrive.   One of the most wonderful and unique aspects of the program is the effort made to celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of the families who attend, It is a joy as a parent to watch a child become more aware of, and curious about, the world in which they live through the program’s exposure to family presentations on different festivals, traditions, music and dance; and to watch little hands and feet perform these in the annual spring concert.   

I consider the program to have been a truly formative part of my daughter’s life, and continue to benefit from the Mrs. Sabur’s insights on child development.  Much like many of the parents, my only wish is that the program continued into elementary school so that the children could continue to learn in such a warm and stimulating educational program.”

Dr. Samira ElAtia

Professor of Education at the University of Alberta

“I could not wait for my daughter to start at Montessori Play and learn center (MPLC). She spent an amazing two years there where she acquired the foundation of learning skills that she is using today. She is an independent learner, confident in herself, very inquisitive, and loves learning because of the holistic experience she received at MPLC.  With an amazing and caring staff, MPLC offers a solid and well-rounded curriculum that includes in addition to literacy and numeracy, French, music, arts and sports. With clearly well-defined learning outcomes, MPLC is more than just a preschool; the focus is not only what the child can learn, but also the behavior, the social interaction, respect for others, problem solving and resolution of conflicts. It truly prepares the children for life. A flagship trait of the center is the multicultural events that take place throughout the year: special presentations, field trips, and celebrations of cultural events.

Mrs. Sabur is an amazing educator. She cares for each and every one of the children in the program. In my interaction with her, she refers to them as “my” children and every parent can vouch for that. Every child is unique and she treats them accordingly. She works with them individually.  She has a keen sense of their abilities and she works with them to explore their potential and to bring it out. It is very apparent in all the performances they do throughout the year: the Christmas concert, the spring events…etc. She works closely and collaboratively with the parents to ensure that the child’s needs are met and that s/he has the necessary support to blossom.

Had not been for Mrs. Sabur, educator extraordinaire, I would not have known that my daughter needed a special program for her elementary schooling. She advised us what to do and explained the process. My daughter is happy where she is because of Mrs. Sabur’s feedback and recommendation.  When I met with the school principal where my daughter is now, and discussed the recommendations of Mrs. Sabur; this principal said “Mrs. Sabur is a reference to us all for early childhood education.” As a professor of education myself, I can vouch for that, and it has been humbling to work with this hardworking, devoted and intuitive educator. I cannot thank Mrs. Sabur, and her amazing staff, enough for their dedication and commitment to an excellent education that every child deserves.”

Brenda Fiander

Retired teacher from Edmonton Public School Board

“Moving from the east coast with my husband some thirty or so years ago was not the easiest decision. I was not only leaving my family and friends, but also the teaching job I loved. Edmonton Public was not hiring at the time, so teaching here did not seem to be an option. After a year at the U of A, I started searching earnestly for work. I came across an advertisement in the Edmonton Journal placed by Mrs. Sabur. It was for a kindergarten teacher at a Montessori School. I had no idea at the time how that little ad would profoundly affect the rest of my life. I taught kindergarten for two years at Montessori Play and Learn. It was through connections there that I was hired at Edmonton Public and about fifteen years later, my son attended Naaz’s school for two years. We have remained the closest of friends throughout all those years to the present day.

I remember watching Naaz work with those eager little children in the early days. I was in awe! I wanted to be just like her! I wanted to teach that way and have happy little children respond to me the way they responded to her. I learned so much from Mrs. Sabur. In large part, it was because of her I became the teacher I was proud to be the remainder of my career. And what better place for my own precious little boy. I knew from experience exactly how he was going to be cared for. He was safe, happy and learned so much more than I imagined he would.

Mrs. Sabur knows how to bring out the best in everyone she works with, parents, teachers and students alike. Especially students!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mrs. Sabur.”

Mahua Ghosh

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
University of Alberta

“Our son started at Montessori Play and Learn when he turned three. We were moving to Edmonton; I spoke with Mrs. Sabur over the telephone. She told me “I know you need help; I have a daughter in medicine. I know what are you going through.” She kept her promise and accepted him in the program.

After joining the program, our son very quickly became used to the routine of the school. We both were often pleasantly surprised at how he could read the calendar or read a paragraph. But what surprised us the most was how much he liked being at school. At times when we went to pick him up, he did not want to leave till he finished his game or puzzle. The loving teachers at the school had created an excellent environment for the children to be comfortable. We chose to continue in the program even for his Kindergarten year. 

This is the place where he first celebrated Hanukkah, danced with Japanese song, saw a video on Mecca, took part in Christmas concert and participated in a play just at the age of 5 years. As he shared the classroom with friends from many different and mixed ethnicities, he had an opportunity to proudly present about his roots and shared sweets for Diwali. We both appreciate the academic environment the school offered, however, we feel the best thing the school offered him was the ability to embrace everybody. Now when we look at him, five years after leaving the school, we see a kind respectful boy, who is growing up to be a true global citizen. We are thankful to Mrs. Sabur and her fantastic team for building this foundation.”


Dr. Amanda Kim


“My daughter attended the Montessori Play and Learn centre Ltd. when she was 4 years old.  Our only regret is that she did not attend it when she was younger, and that her older sister had missed out on the opportunity to experience this amazing program!  The staff are unbelievable and what they teach the kids, not only academics but great values as people and citizens, is truly wonderful.  My daughter stayed for her kindergarten year, and when she started grade one, she felt she already knew so much more than her classmates.  She has even gone back to help as a volunteer.  The school play is a lovely feature and was lots of fun for both the children and parents.  We cannot say enough great things about this program!”

Dr. Narmin Kassam, MD, MHPE, FRCPC

Associate Professor
GIM Residency Training Director
Department of Medicine, University of Alberta

“It is said that good early childhood education in the formative years is absolutely essential in a child’s cognitive development – I couldn’t agree with this more. We knew from the moment we walked in and met Mrs. Sabur that this was the program for our precocious two-year-old daughter. Our daughters are now 13 and 11, and our son is eight years old. All three started at Mrs. Sabur’s Montessori the September after they turned 2. She not only taught them to read (and to this day I credit her with the fact that all 3 are AVID readers), but she gave them a nurturing, loving, supportive environment in which to grow as individuals with confidence and compassion. As a full-time working mother, I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have found the Montessori Play and Learn program which provided me with the peace of mind and confidence that our children were getting the best possible care through their formative years – Mrs. Sabur was the “surrogate” parent in our children’s life who started them on the path to early academic success and life-skills management, and we will be forever grateful to her for this.”

Peter Kasianchuk and Colleen Slocombe

Parents of Children Attending Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd., 2009

“From our very first phone call to Mrs. Sabur, we have been extremely impressed with the child-centered dedication shown by all the staff at Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. Each teacher and caregiver are sincerely committed to creating an open, inclusive, and creative environment in which children can explore their own potential, as well as share in the learning of their peers. We feel extremely lucky to have both our girls in this school, and only wish that they could attend this Montessori through High School.”

Susan Richardson

Counsel, Prairie Region
Federal Prosecution Service
Department of Justice, Government of Canada

“My daughter started at the Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. as a three-year-old and left after kindergarten at age 6. At age 12, she continues to volunteer at the Centre, having been inspired by Mrs. Sabur to become a teacher. Naaz Sabur has created an environment for children that radiates love and respect. She celebrates the differences in all children and encourages cultural awareness. The Centre is run with a calmness and firmness which allows children to develop fully as individuals and as members of the community.”

Jane Samson, Ph.D., FRHistS, FRGS

Professor and Associate Chair
Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta

“My eight-year-old son has such fond memories of Mrs. Sabur’s school that he continues to visit on PD days, enjoying the chance to help younger children and to maintain his friendship with his beloved teachers. All of the staff are highly skilled as well as warm and caring – an outstanding combination which gives the school its remarkable atmosphere of joy in learning. My son’s education got off to the best possible start with a love of reading, good work habits, and self-confidence.”

Dawn and Dave Terry

Parents of a Former Student

“When our daughter was 3 1/2 years old we were very fortunate to find Naaz Sabur and her wonderful Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. After being home with a nanny for three years and trying one other daycare that we were not happy with, Nicole was initially quite hesitant and very shy to try another ‘daycare.’ However, Mrs. Sabur and all the teachers at the Montessori were so kind and nurturing that in a short period of time she was really happy to go to ‘school’ every day! 

During her kindergarten graduation, she performed on stage and even sang a solo – we were so impressed with how easily she came out of her shell under the care and attention of the Montessori staff. She adapted incredibly well to the amazing learning environment provided at the Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. She was very prepared for Grade 1 and, with the encouragement of Mrs. Sabur, we decided to challenge French Immersion where she still is today.

 My husband has often remarked that he wishes that he himself would have had the opportunity to have such a great start in life. Naaz Sabur is an exceptional individual who is able to build a strong base for each child from which that child can continuously develop throughout life.

Nicole is now a confident and capable young lady going into high school next year, and we largely attribute this to the outstanding start she was given at the Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. We have stayed in touch with Naaz all these years, and Nicole will always consider her more than a teacher, but also a great friend and mentor.”

Lili Liu, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair
Department of Occupational Therapy
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta

“We feel fortunate that our three children each spent their preschool and kindergarten years at the Montessori Play & Learn Centre. When our eldest daughter started preschool, she was only 2 1/2 years old and, as new parents, we were nervous about placing her in childcare. Immediately, we felt reassured and comforted by the strong sense of community among the staff and families who were using the service. We relied on Mrs. Sabur’s extensive experience with children to help us understand our daughter’s behaviors and milestones. We appreciated Mrs. Sabur’s honesty and observations; she helped us see options in our parenting approach. As we do not have family in Edmonton, Mrs. Sabur and her staff became our coaches and role models. Two years later, there was no doubt in our minds that we would send our twins to Montessori Play & Learn Centre. To our relief, Mrs. Sabur and her staff had valuable experience with working with twins and was always ready when we approached with questions. 

Montessori Play & Learn Centre is well known for its academic environment. But we are most thankful to the program for showing us the potential in our children. The annual Spring Concerts are carefully choreographed to bring out the best in each child. We have not seen the public school environment help them reach their potential to the extent they did at the Montessori Play & Learn Centre. Their preschool and kindergarten years helped our children appreciate a multicultural society as each culture was celebrated throughout the year. Those years instilled in them a sense of compassion for their peers, self-respect as well as a deep respect for their teachers and parents, a love of books and an appreciation for the arts. The Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. provided structure, thus, a safe environment for the children. As a family, we experienced this physical and social environment early in our parenting roles and in the children’s formative years. No doubt, the positive impact will be longstanding.”

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The Montessori Play and Learn Centre Ltd. (Argyll Montessori School Ltd.) has been operating since September 1982, so you can be confident in the quality of our educational program. Should you have further inquiries about our learning center and the curriculum we offer or wish to enroll your kids at our school, give us a call or send us an email. You may also visit us at our learning center. Our staff is more than happy to address your school admission concerns.